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You will receive access to a Baserow database (accessible in your browser) of more than 700 online resources revolving around product management for digital products. That is the top 6% of all the 11,000 articles I read in the past decade.
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For only $9.99 you will have access to so much help and inspiration, any time you need it. Think about it in number of coffees, how it will lead to better product decisions, your repution - the price seems ridiculous for so much impact.

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Hi, I'm Benedikt. I have been a product leader for digital products for 15 years. I worked and still work as a tech product manager, PO, manager of PMs, Head of Product, mentor of PMs, and informal product lead.

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This collection of articles about all topics related to product management and leadership helps you get better at everything in your job - instantly!

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You don't waste time on content that does not help you: With my vast product management experience, I collected only the most insightful and helpful articles.

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